V.i.p Styles by Jamilyah LLC

V.i.p Styles by Jamilyah LLC

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Hello my name is Jamilyah
And I would like to thank you for choosing me to care for your hair
I'm a firm believer that hair care comes first always!
I've been licensed for little over 10 year's
I love making my clients like and feel beautiful.
I'm excited on the hair Journey we will be taking together.
Once again thank you for choosing me to be your hair doctor.

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Cut $30
Shampoo n style - $50
Wave mold - $65
Finger wave mold with curl style
Trim - $15
Trimming unhealthy split ends , your hair will have less breakage and flyaway , making your hair look thicker and shinier
Hair should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks
Shampoo style n cut $80
Silk press $60
Glovember gloss color n style - $70
Gloss color gray coverage its not permanent color.
Protecting your hair from these harsh winther days that's ahead of us! Just link the bio and book your appointment !!!!
It works to fill the hair, closing the cuticle, creating a smooth surface that light bounces off of for immense shine. It overlays the strand, creating a protective shield that keeps color molecules in and not down the drain. A gloss can last you 3 to 4
You can get your Browns ,Reds and blondes
Demi color no lift
We discuss your healthy hair journey !!!


Touch Up Relaxer - $80
Relaxer touch up
Come with a trim
Virgin relaxer - $110
Putting relaxer from root to ends
On virgin hair
Comes with a trim


Demi color $30
Permanent color $55
Double process color $$100
Half head of highlights $60
Gloss - $20
A hair gloss is a transparent, semi-permanent shine service that can be done at the salon or at home. It works to fill the hair, closing the cuticle, creating a smooth surface that light bounces off of for immense shine


Crochet braids - $100
Depending for the style

Extension installation

Weave install sewn - $160
Come with shampoo braid foundation install cut and styles
Ponytail - $55
$55 on relaxed hair
$60 on natural hair
Blend in sew in tracks $95
Weave maintenance (shampoo n style ) - $65
Your sewn will be shampoo styled
Sewn with closure - $180
Come with shampoo Braid foundation cut n style
Take out install (sewin) - $10
Cap (quickweave) - $70
Bonded tracks
On a protective cap


Caramel Treatment - $20
Honey: An excellent humectant good for moisture
Olive Oil : for lubrication and helps moisture retention
Bananas: Good for moisture and some protein
Lasts for 4 weeks
Deep Conditioning - $10
Depend on what kind of Conditioning
Olaplex treatment - $20
Repair and strengthen hair
Restore - $15
Instantly penetrate the hair shaft . Fills and smoothed the cuticles and restore hair strength from the inside out.

Natural styles

Coils (with comb) - $65
Two stand twist - $65
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